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Pupil Services Department

The mission of the Department of Special Services is to ensure students who require special education, age three to twenty-one, receive specially designed instruction, of high quality and sufficient intensity, so that each student will have the opportunity to achieve a high standard. Montville Public Schools provides a variety of support services to its students to aide in their success. 
Our staff members work closely together to foster learning environments that support each student in their work towards attaining Montville's curriculum standards. To the greatest extent possible, students participate in the general education curriculum with supports, services and instruction designed to allow the student to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways. 
Each student has unique strengths and challenges. We are most successful when we work together - staff, parents and students!
If you think your child might have a disability, contact your school for more information. 
Thank you,
Paula LaChance
Director of Special Education