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The Director of Transportation is responsible for the overall operation, development, administration, and supervision of all school transportation services, and the supervision of all bus and van drivers and other personnel assigned to school transportation. It is the responsibility of the Director of Transportation to ensure that all school buses are maintained in good operating condition and that the buses and vans meet all safety requirements. In addition, school bus routes are designed by the Director of Transportation for maximum efficiency.
Theresa Carter
[email protected]
Director of Transportation
Below are the bus routes. If you have any questions, please contact Theresa or Kim at 860.848.3878
*Bus routes and times are subject to change.
Tech Runs  AM runs  8/17/2023
Late Bus RunsClick Here 9/7/2023
Prek Bus Runs - Mid Day Runs- 8/17/2023

Bus Routes AM
Bus Routes PM