Early Dismissal on Friday, Sept. 8th

Dear Families and Staff,

Based upon our current classroom temperatures and the tomorrow's predicted heat index of 93 degrees in Montville, we will dismiss students early again on Friday. Preschool classes are canceled.  I had hoped to get a full day of school in tomorrow, but despite our best efforts to bring cooler air into classrooms at night, we are not able to get many of our classrooms below 80 degrees for the start of school.  When classroom temperatures start above 80 degrees, they rise to almost 90 degrees once they are filled with students and the outdoor temperatures increase.  The humidity in classrooms is oppressive and the cafeterias are extremely hot even though we are trying not to use the ovens.  Our weather advisor has stated that, given the stagnant nature of this air mass, it will be very difficult to flush out the very warm, humid conditions now existing in buildings that lack air conditioning.

I know this week has been inconvenient for families and I appreciate your understanding.  Next week looks much better!

Dismissal times are 11:10 at MHS, 11:45 at Tyl, and 12:25 at the three elementary schools.  
Despite this hot week, the start of school continues to feel very positive in all of our schools, and I am proud of the way our staff and students are adapting!

Warm regards,

Laurie Pallin
Superintendent, Montville Public Schools