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Students work to push a giant soccer ball

Field Day Tug of War competition

Students exhibiting team work on Field Day

Students in the sprinkler on Field Day

Staff members assisting a student

Two girls in one shirt running a race

Students pushing giant soccer ball

Students enjoy a large inflatable slide on field day

Students work to balance things in a relay on Field Day

photo of 3rd grade recorder concert

photo of students painting tiger mural on wall in school

photo of administrators posing with cake during Blue Ribbon School Celebration

photo of students at Blue Ribbon Schools carnival

photo of 3rd grade students participating in Chinese New Year paper dragon parade

photo of students during Chinese New Year parade at school

photo of 4th grade city planning project

100th Day of School

photo of students and teachers dressed up for 100th day of school

Red Carpet Photos

photo of 2 teachers dressed up for Red Carpet

photo of 2 teachers and student on the red carpet

photo of 5 teachers dressed up as Hollywood stars

Prinicipal and 2 teachers dressed as Hollywood stars

photo of students posing with teachers

photo of teachers posing as celebrities

National Walk to School Day

photo of students walking to school

photo of students walking to school

photo of students walking to school

photo of students walking to school

photo of students walking to school


photo of a student learning a skill during an assembly

photo of student learning balancing skills

photo of student spinning two basketballs on fingers

woman juggling 3 basketballs while balancing

photo of students during balance assembly

Our Arts Wing!

photo of Our Arts Wing

photo of dinosaur by the Art room

photo of dinosaur by the library

photo of dinosaur by the music room

pteradactyl by the gymnasium's Wall of Fame

First Day Arrival

photo of principal and students on first day of school, outside with bus


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Oakdale Elementary School

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