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Addy Robarge, Department Chair


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The Montville High School Music Department is dedicated to providing a practical education through an extensive selection of Choral, Instrumental and Theoretical courses.

Participating students will have an opportunity to develop life-long skills for autonomous music making while experiencing the rewards of large ensemble participation.


Mattress Fundraiser
MHS Music Dept./Boosters
When: Saturday, May 6, 2017 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
Where: MHS Cafeteria
Mattress Fundraiser Sale - One Day Sale All money raised goes to Music Boosters

Students also gain prizes/money for band/choir accounts based on number of mattress sales.

Jeff Ventres

Information regarding the Mattress Fundraiser: the cafeteria is set up like a mattress store with name brands like Simmons Beautyrest and other mattress companies.

People can come in and try out the mattresses and order one if they like it. Mattress prices are up to 50% off of retail value. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

View the youtube link from Custom Fundraising Solutions it describes the fundraiser in more detail.

We hope to see some of you this Saturday! Stop on by and check it out!


PBones instead of Drones! project by Mr. Ventres
Donations accepted April 7 - Aug 3, 2017

PBones instead of Drones!

My students need low brass instruments to balance the ensemble sound and experience.

My Students

Our band students are motivated and dedicated individuals. They continually add to our inclusive, supportive culture and establish a family atmosphere that all are welcome. They work hard, know that they are accepted for who they are, and come in to class each day wanting to grow as a musician and a person. Our elementary band students are split up between 3 elementary schools. They come from a variety of economic backgrounds. Our beginning band students are the foundation of this culture and without them we wouldn't be where we are today as a music department and a community!

My Project

The 9 PBones will be given to our 3 Elementary schools. Many families are not able to afford renting instruments and/or have difficulty transporting large instruments to and from school. The PBones will allow students the opportunity to perform a low brass instrument without the weight or cost that goes along with it.

PBones will help balance the band!Currently we have a vast number of high wind instruments with very few low wind instruments. With these PBones, students will be given an opportunity to try it out low brass instruments provided by the school. The instruments are lightweight and will not have any major costs upfront!

To donate visit: project by Mr. Ventres




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