Physical Education

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How should my child dress for class?

Students should be wearing comfortable, appropriate clothing and sneakers.

What if my child is not feeling 100% but still comes to school?

We will accept an excuse note from home for 1 day and a doctor's note thereafter.

How will my child be graded?

Effort, participation and skill improvement

What is the Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment Test?

The CPFA includes the following:

*PACER test (cardiovascular fitness)

*Sit and reach test (flexibility)

*Right angle push-up test (muscular strength)

*Curl-up test (muscular endurance)

How is my child's physical education class structured?

All classes begin with a warm-up routine followed by modified games at varying levels.

What are the class rules?

Be Kind

Play Fair

Work Hard

Be Safe

Click here to see how to find your target heart rate.


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Leonard J Tyl Middle School

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