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Physical Education

Portrait of Mr. Wilcox

Mr. Wilcox

Mission Statement

We believe the purpose of the physical education program is to encourage children to develop a positive attitude about themselves and physical activity so that they choose to be physically active throughout their lives. Children need a variety of movement experiences to develop a healthy mind and body that is capable of learning. The involvement of young children in daily physical activity during school hours is critical for their current and future health.

Parent Information: Students in Grades K - 5 have physical education once a week for forty-five minutes. Preschool has twenty minutes of physical education per week. Please remind your child to wear sneakers on PE day! Thank you.


Teach developmentally appropriate physical education lessons

Build each child's self-esteem

Differentiate lessons so each child can be successful

Make physical education a fun, positive learning experience

Instill positive social behaviors

Make each lesson safe, physically and emotionally

Make connections to every day life through the lessons we teach

Teach children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle


  • Movement is still young children's preferred mode of learning (Pica)
  • Children are active, concrete, experiential learners who acquire information and knowledge with all their senses.
  • The integration of body systems allows for optimal learning to take place.
  • Lessons that are physically experienced have a more immediate and longer lasting impact.
  • Reading requires eye muscle strength. Tracking a ball and navigating the environment in physical education class strengthen eye muscles necessary for reading.

Physical Education Impacts Learning

We learn

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 50% of what we both see and hear
  • 70% of what we hear, see, and say
  • 80% of what we experience personally
  • 90% of what we teach to someone else

What I hear, I forget. What I see I remember. What I do I know.

"Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong." [JFK}

The Greeks knew it thousands of years ago; the spirit, the mind, and the body are all connected.


  • Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.
  • Participates regularly in physical activity.
  • Incorporate fitness and wellness concepts to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
  • Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
  • Choose physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction to sustain a physical active lifestyle.

Physical Education is more than just playing games. Students learn in each and every class. We learn to move and move to learn. Following is a list of what students learn in P.E. Lines that being with an * directly relate to academic learning

Travel using fundamental locomotor movements. Run, jump, hop, skip, gallop, leap, slide, gravevine

Use non-locomotor movements. Bend, twist, stretch, sawy swing

Apply locomotor and non-locomotor movements in physical activities

Move safely while avoiding others and practice stopping in a balanced position on signal

Learn what personal space is

Identify different body parts using beanbags and carpet squares and understand the relationship to the object and our body

Practice static and dynamic balances: Maintain balance while traveling on obstacles; Use different bases of support to balance; Understand principles and concepts of balancing different objects

Make shapes with our body, round, wide, narrow, twisted, symmetrical, and unsymmetrical

Use our imagination to practice faking and dodging ie., move around the gym and when you hear the drum beat jump back as if scared by a ghost

Travel at high, medium, and low levels

*Learn about force: We make body shapes that illustrate strong and light force. Travel with strong and light movements. Use levers to produce force. Explore force on different objetcts.

*Learn about time: We practice moving our bodies slow and fast ie., slowly melt like the wicked witch, pretend you are a lion stalking its prey and pounce.

*Travel in different partner relationships: side by side, leader/follower, face to face

*Travel along different pathways and patterns; curved, straight, and zigzag

Sing a song that teaches the names of our muscles

Sing a song that teaches the names of the bones in our body; tarsal, tibia, fibula, patella, femur, pelvis, ribs and sternum, carpal, ulna, radius, and humerus, hey my cranium

Volley and strike balloons and other objects with our hands and paddles; learn where to strike a ball so it travels up and forward

Learn what part of our hands to use to dribble a ball

Practice juggling with scarves

Move rhythmically to music. Learn the following dances: Purple People Eater, Wooly Bully, Laraspa


  • August 2019
    • MonAug26 PreK & Kindergarten Visit 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM
    • WedAug28 Day 1 - Welcome Back
    • ThuAug29 Day 2
    • FriAug30 Day 3
  • September 2019
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    • TueSep03 Day 4
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    • WedSep04 Spirit Day
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    • FriSep06 Oakdale - Reading Logs Due
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    • WedSep11 Open House/Back to School Night 5:15 PM
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    • FriSep13 Early Release - Staff Development
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    • TueSep24 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
    • WedSep25 Day 5
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    • MonSep30 Day 3
  • October 2019
    • TueOct01 Day 4
    • WedOct02 Day 5
    • WedOct02 Spirit Day
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    • FriOct04 Early Release - Staff Development
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    • ThuOct10 Day 1


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