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Day 2
9:15-9:454th Grade Clarinets
9:45-10:154th Grade Brass
10:15-10:455th Grade Woodwinds 1
10:45-11:155th Grade Woodwinds 2
11:15-11:455th Grade Brass
11:45-12:155th Grade Percussion
12:15-1:005th Grade Full Band
1:31-1:575th Grade Chorus

Day 4 10:40-11:104th Grade Flutes
Day 5 9:15-9:454th Grade Saxophones
Day 5 10:40-11:10
4th Grade Percussion
Day 5 1:31-1:57

4th Grade Chorus

Oakdale students receive music class once every five days. PreK students meet for 20 minutes and grades Kindergarten through 5th meet for 45 minutes. We cover many aspects of music. Younger grades concentrate on moving rhythmically and musically. We work on singing with good tone and matching pitch while doing so. Upper grades continue these ideas while also learning to read, recognize and use musical notation and vocabulary. All grades incorporate performing, creating and responding to music throughout the year.

3rd Grade Recorder
All students in 3rd grade learn to play the recorder. The recorder is a tool through which all students can easily learn an instrument as well as basic music notation. We use a program called Recorder Karate that allows students to learn and progress through more and more challenging music at their own pace earning colored belts to put on their recorders along the way. In 3rd grade music we also learn music together as a class and work towards a culminating performance at the end of the school year. The recorder is great starting point for any student interested in learning a band instrument in 4th grade. All the skills learned with the recorder transfer to any band instrument they may choose in the coming year. Recorders can be ordered through the school. Order forms and information are sent home at the beginning of each school year. All music is provided in class.

Performing Ensembles
4th and 5th grade students have the option of choosing an instrument to learn in lessons and performing in band. They receive a group lesson once a week in school. The 5th grade band students also rehearse all together once a week. All band lessons and rehearsals are on a Day 2 unless scheduled otherwise. All band students perform at our Winter and Spring concerts. For more information about band lessons and instruments, please contact Ms. Scott.
4th and 5th graders may also join chorus. Both choirs rehearse once a week during recess and perform at our Winter and Spring concerts. It is possible, and encouraged, to participate in both band and chorus.

Both the chorus and band are excellent opportunities in which students learn musicianship, cooperation, and dedication, skills that benefit all aspects of life.

Photo of 3rd grade recorder concert

photo of students performing in band concert
students performing in a band


  • October 2018
    • MonOct22 Day 2
    • TueOct23 Day 3
    • TueOct23 Oakdale Community Club (OCC) 8:15 AM
    • WedOct24 Day 4
    • WedOct24 PTO Meeting 6:30 PM
    • ThuOct25 Day 5
    • FriOct26 Day 1
    • MonOct29 Day 2
    • TueOct30 Day 3
    • WedOct31 Day 4
  • November 2018
    • ThuNov01 Day 5
    • FriNov02 Day 1
    • MonNov05 Day 2
    • TueNov06 Day 3
    • TueNov06 Staff Development - No School
    • TueNov06 Staff Development - No School
    • WedNov07 Day 4
    • WedNov07 Spirit Day - Blue & Yellow
    • ThuNov08 Day 5
    • FriNov09 Day 1
    • MonNov12 Day 2
    • MonNov12 Veteran's Day - No School
    • MonNov12 Veteran's Day - No School
    • TueNov13 Day 3
    • TueNov13 Oakdale Community Club (OCC) 8:15 AM
    • WedNov14 Day 4
    • ThuNov15 Day 5
    • FriNov16 Day 1
    • MonNov19 Day 2
    • MonNov19 Half Day/Conferences
    • MonNov19 Scholastic Book Fair
    • TueNov20 Day 3
    • TueNov20 Half Day/Conferences
    • TueNov20 Scholastic Book Fair
    • WedNov21 Thanksgiving Break - No School
    • WedNov21 Thanksgiving Break - No School
    • ThuNov22 Thanksgiving Break - No School
    • ThuNov22 Thanksgiving Break - No School
    • FriNov23 Thanksgiving Break - No School
    • FriNov23 Thanksgiving Break - No School


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