Mission and Expectations


Oakdale Elementary School is a diverse community of lifelong learners. We provide a safe, nurturing and positive environment in which all members are encouraged and motivated to achieve their true potential. Students are inquisitive and active learners who are provided with multiple opportunities to become successful. We thrive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and strong family and community involvement.


In order to achieve this vision, the school community will:

  • Maintain high expectations and instill a sense of self-motivation to achieve academic, social, and emotional growth.
  • Promote good citizenship by modeling cooperation, mutual respect, and kindness.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of diverse student and family needs.
  • Provide opportunities for family and community to be actively involved in the daily education and social growth of the Oakdale community.
  • Promote independence and a love for learning that extends beyond the school and local community.
  • Provide a curriculum that is continually revised, reflective of research, and responsive to student needs.
  • Foster meaningful collaboration for the promotion of academic, ethical, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.
  • Provide a positive, orderly environment to ensure safety for all.
  • Model, guide, and support positive decision-making skills.
  • Instill open communication while respecting the confidentiality of student and family communication.
  • Maintain high expectations for staff members, seeking opportunities for continued professional growth.

School Improvement Plan

OVERVIEW Oakdale Elementary School’s Improvement and Safe School Climate Plan is the result of the work of the School Improvement Team (SIT) as well as the Safe School Climate/Crisis Committee. The teams focused on identifying and prioritizing areas of need for the school which were then used to develop goals and objectives. Strategies for accomplishing each objective and results indicators were defined. Both teams and district administrators will continually review the four year plan. This plan will be used to guide the development of teachers’ professional growth and student learning goals.


1. Oakdale Elementary School will provide an engaging and collaborative learning environment that ensures high academic achievement and mastery of 21st Century skills for all students.

2. Oakdale Elementary School will provide for the social and emotional needs of all students in a healthy, safe, and secure learning environment.

Goal 1: Oakdale Elementary School will provide an engaging and collaborative learning environment that ensures high academic achievement and mastery of 21st Century skills for all students.

Increase reading achievement for all students including identified subgroups

 Professional development (PD) in the area of CCSS, 21st Century Skills and reading instruction available for all staff/Administration and teachers will provide PD to paraprofessionals

 Use data during PLC meetings and SRBI meetings to plan instruction

 Continue with current reading interventions and research options for new interventions

 Evaluate the need and utilize flexible grouping during workshop to meet the needs of all students

 Improvement in DIBELS, STAR, SBAC, benchmarks, and other classroom measures of student performance

 Progress on SLGs when related to reading language arts

Increase math achievement for all students and identified subgroups

 School-wide and teacher student learning goals in the area of math

 PD in the area of CCSS and Eureka Math available for all staff involved in the teaching of math

 Math meetings held every 6 weeks to discuss implementation of Eureka math and student progress

 Provide information about CCSS and Eureka Math to families through printed Topic Newsletters, online information/links, and “Math Night”

 Improvement in STAR, SBAC, module assessments, and other classroom measures of student performance

 Progress on SLGs when related to math

Improve achievement in all other areas

 PD in the areas of CCSS and 21st Century Skills

 Opportunities for student to engage in reading and writing activities across all subject areas

 Provide multiple opportunities for students to engage in discourse/collaboration with peers

 Student participation in academic programs that meet the needs of a variety of learners (Enrichment for grades 4 and 5, Math Olympiads, After School Intervention Program, Kindergarten Readiness program)

 Improvement in DIBELS, Brigance, STAR, SBAC, CMT Science, and other classroom measures of student performance

Recruit and continue to develop highly effective faculty who foster student growth through quality instruction

 Use hiring committees to hire high quality faculty

 Pair new teachers with mentors to complete TEAM

 Use of informal/formal observations, peer observations to provide feedback

 Provide PD/training during staff meetings, PD Days, and at conferences/workshops

 Overall faculty evaluation ratings and analysis of faculty members’ goals

Organize and use student and teacher data more effectively

 Provide training in the area of data analysis

 Improvement in overall student achievement data due to increased competency in analyzing and decision making regarding instruction

Ensure that students enter kindergarten ready to access kindergarten curriculum

 Promote standards based instruction in preschool (research appropriate curriculum/programs)

 Offer summer program based on outcome of kindergarten screening

 Brigance screen and initial DIBELS scores for students in the fall K assessment

Provide extended school day/year to meet students’ academic needs

 Continue grade 3-5 After School Intervention Program for selected students

 Investigate other options for programming

 Improvement in assessment data of participating students

Individual school plans should include growth targets for their students.

Goal 2: Oakdale Elementary School will provide for the social and emotional needs of all students in a healthy, safe, and secure learning environment.

Improve student behavior

 Through the PBIS team, implement new PBIS program to reinforce school expectations (individual rewards, class rewards, whole school celebrations)

 Provide training/share data with staff on PBIS program (increase outreach to paras, monitors, bus drivers)

 Regularly train staff to reduce problem behaviors by using proactive strategies

 Monitoring of behavioral data/Reduction in referrals

Improve full day attendance

 Provide information to social worker regarding current practices regarding the attendance policy/work with district to align policy with state guidelines

 Communication with families of student(s) with attendance issues (teacher, social worker, administrator)

 Monitoring of attendance date/reduction in absences, tardies, early dismissals for identified students

Promote students’ physical, social, and emotional well-being

 School psychologist and social worker provide formal and informal counseling to individuals and groups

 School psychologist and social worker to teach Second Step to targeted grade levels

 Research other programs to teach social skills and problemsolving/decision-making skills

 Strive for open communication between the home and the school

 Provide opportunities for families to gather together through school/PTO sponsored events (for example: BINGO night, Family Reading night, etc.)

 Reduction in behavior referrals

 Amount of families participating in school sponsored events

Maintain School Safety

 Share Oakdale School’s Safe School Climate Plan with staff to ensure preparedness

 Conduct safety drills during key times of the school day

 Review of meeting meetings

 Review of Safety Drill Log

Individual schools should include growth targets for their students

Strategic School Profile - update coming soon

Grades K - 3 Survey

Grades 4 - 5 Survey


  • September 2019
    • MonSep23 Day 3
    • TueSep24 Day 4
    • TueSep24 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
    • WedSep25 Day 5
    • ThuSep26 Day 1
    • FriSep27 Day 2
    • MonSep30 Day 3
  • October 2019
    • TueOct01 Day 4
    • WedOct02 Day 5
    • WedOct02 Spirit Day
    • ThuOct03 Day 1
    • FriOct04 Day 2
    • FriOct04 Early Release - Staff Development
    • MonOct07 Day 3
    • TueOct08 Day 4
    • WedOct09 Day 5
    • ThuOct10 Day 1
    • FriOct11 Day 2
    • FriOct11 Oakdale School - Fitness Day
    • MonOct14 No School/Columbus Day
    • TueOct15 Day 3
    • WedOct16 Day 4
    • ThuOct17 Day 5
    • FriOct18 Day 1
    • MonOct21 Day 2
    • TueOct22 Day 3
    • TueOct22 Picture Day
    • TueOct22 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
    • WedOct23 Day 4
    • ThuOct24 Day 5
    • FriOct25 Day 1
    • MonOct28 Day 2
    • TueOct29 Day 3
    • WedOct30 Day 4
    • ThuOct31 Day 5
  • November 2019
    • FriNov01 Day 1
    • MonNov04 Day 2
    • TueNov05 No School - Staff Development
    • WedNov06 Day 3
    • WedNov06 Spirit Day


Oakdale Elementary School

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