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The Kindergarten Meet & Greet

Monday, August 27th, 2:15 p.m., at Oakdale School

We are looking forward to meeting our new Kindergarten students!

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Free Summer Meals!

Kids and teens 18 and under

Free meals are available for kids and teens all summer across Connecticut.

To find a Summer Meals site close to you, text CTmeals to 877877, call 2311, or visit www.CTSummerMeals.org

2018-2019 Kindergarten Registration

The Office of the Superintendent is announcing registration requirements for children entering kindergarten on August 29, 2018.

To be eligible for kindergarten, the following documentation is required at the time of registration:

1.Birth Certificate or Baptismal Record.

2.Physical Examination Form (blue) completed and signed by your child's doctor, dated within 12 months of the date of entry into school. Parents must also complete page 1 of this form.

3.Proof of Residency - valid lease/mortgage agreement/deed AND One OR MORE of the following: current utility bill – referencing the physical address (electricity, cable, satellite).

4.Proof of immunization. Requirements:

a. DTaP/Td - minimum of four (4) doses of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus – for children aged 48 months and older, the last dose must be given on or after the fourth birthday;

b. MMR - measles, mumps and rubella. Two (2) doses given at least twenty-eight (28) days apart, the first given on or after the first birthday;

c. HIB - Hemophilus influenzae, type B (given on or after the first birthday). This vaccine is only for children entering school who have not reached their fifth (5th) birthday by the opening day of school.

d.Hepatitis A – Two (2) doses given six (6) months apart, the first dose on or after the first birthday.

e. HBV - Hepatitis B. An individual shall be considered adequately protected against hepatitis B if the individual is enrolled in preschool through grade 12 and was immunized with three (3) doses of hepatitis B vaccine as follows: two (2) doses given at least four (4) weeks apart followed by a third dose at least sixteen (16) weeks after the first dose and at least eight (8) weeks after the second dose, and the third dose shall be given no earlier than twenty-four (24) weeks of age;

f. Varicella (Chicken Pox) - Immunized with two (2) doses of varicella vaccine given three (3) months apart; the first given on or after the first birthday.

g. PCV - Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (given on or after the first birthday). This vaccine is only for children entering school who have not reached their fifth (5th) birthday by the opening of school.

h. TOPV/IPV - minimum of three (3) doses of polio vaccine – for children aged 48 months and older, the last dose must be given on or after the fourth birthday.

A child is considered adequately protected against measles, rubella, mumps, varicella, Hepatitis A and B if he/she has it confirmed in writing by a physician based on a specific blood test conducted by a certified laboratory.

By law, children who do not meet state immunization and physical examination requirements must be excluded from school until the requirements are met.

Board of Education policy requires a pre-school physical examination one (1) year prior to entering school in September. The physical should be conducted any time after September 1 of the previous year.

Forms for registration, physical examination, and health forms are available at any one of the three elementary schools during the school day (8:45-3:00, M-F). Parents are requested to pick up these forms the week of February 9, 2018 and return them to the school no later than March 9, 2018.

Please be aware that the determination of the school your child will attend is made later this school year. The school at which you register may not be the school your child will be attending.


  • August 2018
    • MonAug27 Kindergarten Meet & Greet 2:15 PM
    • WedAug29 Welcome Back! Day 1
    • ThuAug30 Day 2
    • FriAug31 Day 3
  • September 2018
    • TueSep04 Day 4
    • WedSep05 Day 5
    • ThuSep06 Day 1
    • FriSep07 Day 2
    • MonSep10 Day 3
    • TueSep11 Day 4
    • WedSep12 Day 5
    • ThuSep13 Day 1
    • FriSep14 Day 2
    • FriSep14 Half Day
    • MonSep17 Day 3
    • TueSep18 Day 4
    • WedSep19 Day 5
    • ThuSep20 Day 1
    • FriSep21 Day 2
    • MonSep24 Day 3
    • TueSep25 Day 4
    • WedSep26 Day 5
    • ThuSep27 Day 1
    • FriSep28 Day 2
  • October 2018
    • MonOct01 Day 3
    • TueOct02 Day 4
    • WedOct03 Day 5
    • ThuOct04 Day 1
    • FriOct05 Day 2
    • FriOct05 Half Day
    • TueOct09 Day 3
    • WedOct10 Day 4
    • ThuOct11 Day 5
    • FriOct12 Day 1
    • MonOct15 Day 2
    • TueOct16 Day 3
    • WedOct17 Day 4
    • ThuOct18 Day 5
    • FriOct19 Day 1
    • MonOct22 Day 2


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