Educational Evaluation Committee

The Educational Evaluation Committee consists of Mr. Mitchell (chair), Mrs. Baxter, Ms. Berardy, Ms. Rix and Mr. Boisvert. It is the responsibility of the Educational Evaluation Committee to: 1) discuss and consider new and revised educational programs, curriculum, facilities requirements, equipment needs, administrative practices, and employee and student morale; and 2) recommend methods of implementing changes.

Meeting Dates:
Superintendent's Large Conference Room, Montville High School 5:15 PM

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee consists of Mr. Wood (chair), Mr. Loiler, Mrs. Pomazon and Mr. Aquitante III. It is the responsibility of the Policy Committee to: 1) study and update policies presently in effect; 2) consolidate policies governing the operation of the school system; and 3) study, develop, and make recommendations on new policies which are recommended by the administration or by the Board of Education.

Meeting Dates:
Superintendent's Small Conference Room, Montville High School 5:15 PM

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee consists of Ms. Rix, Mr. Loiler, Ms. Berardy, and Mrs. Baxter.


Montville Public Schools

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