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A Message about Attendance
Posted 10/01/2019 02:20PM

Dear Parents:

As we move through our 4th week of school, I want to let you know we have a focus on attendance this year. This email outlines the bare bones of CT State Board of Education expectations.

4 unexcused absences in a month is considered Truancy

10 unexcused absences in a year is considered Truancy

Parents may excuse the first 9 absences of their child with a phone call to the school.

After 9, an appointment slip or doctors note is required.

I want to encourage parents to help their children attend school. I noticed last Friday for the ½ day our absence numbers rose considerably. I know kids will say they don't do anything on ½ days but they actually do. Average daily attendance has been 34 students absent since we began, but last Friday we had 74 students absent.

Half days are important because:

  1. This year, we are really working to develop strong relationships with our students and one of the main ways to do this is through Advisory. Each teacher has about 10 students and there are planned activities and conversations for Advisory. This happens first period on every Friday for the first six weeks of school and then twice a month for the rest of the year. Advisory is 40 minutes long and is held every ½ day.
  2. Teachers spend the week before half days prepping students for tests and quizzes and then often use ½ days to give tests and quizzes.

I encourage you to send your students to school every day. If you run into a situation where your child doesn't want to come, please reach out and we will try and help.

Enjoy your day!


Mary Jane Dix


Leonard J. Tyl Middle School


Montville Public Schools

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