On Wednesday, 3/29, the juniors will be called to the auditorium at 9:55 for an extended advisory presentation. Junior advisors should report to the auditorium for the regular advisory period. The presentation is an orientation for the Credit for Life fair.

The Credit for Life Fair Program for MHS juniors is scheduled for Thursday, May 18th this year.
The fair takes place in the gymnasium and generally runs from 8:00-10:00.

What is the Credit for Life Program?

The Credit for Life Fair is a financial literacy exercise where high school seniors are asked to make decisions on how to spend their money. Students role-play the position of a 25-year old adult with a career, a salary, and a credit score. They are assigned a mock checking and savings account balance and possibly a student loan payment, depending on the career they selected. Based on their mock salary, they must make decisions that affect their finances, such as renting an apartment on their own or having a roommate, buying or leasing a vehicle, purchasing furniture, and saving for their retirement. There is a booth set up for each financial decision the students will have to make. Our goal for the students is to have a better understanding of their future fiscal responsibilities. We teach them about balancing a budget and making choices about their finances. They also learn how one financial choice can greatly impact another.

One of the most important booths at the Credit for Life Fair is the credit score booth. We use this booth to educate the students on what a credit score is and how their future will be impacted with a low, med, or high credit score. Students are given a completely random credit score at the very beginning of the fair which will greatly affect their experience.

Lastly, credit counselors will review each student's final budget one-on-one to ensure solvency or to help students learn how to live within their budget. Managing their own budget and seeing the actual cost of things will leave students with a whole new perspective on real-life financial management.

Schedule for the day:

Our juniors and seniors will be participating in the fair in two separate waves.

The juniors will participate in the fair from 8:00 to approximately 9:45.

The seniors from approximately 10:00 to the start of third lunch. All seniors will attend third lunch.

Credit for Life - March 2014 Patch Article


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