Last Updated: 5/19/2022 12:37 PM

Educational Evaluation Committee

The Educational Evaluation Committee's responsibilities include: 1) discuss and consider new and revised educational programs, curriculum, facilities requirements, equipment needs, administrative practices, and employee and student morale; and 2) recommend methods of implementing changes.

Members include:

- Mrs. Sheelagh Lapinski

- Mr. Robert R. Mitchell, Jr. (Board Secretary)

- Mr. Timothy Shanahan


Meeting Dates:
Superintendent's Large Conference Room, Montville High School 5:15 PM

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee's responsibilities include: 1) study and update policies presently in effect; 2) consolidate policies governing the operation of the school system; and 3) study, develop, and make recommendations on new policies which are recommended by the administration or by the Board of Education.

Members include:

- Mrs. Carol J. Burgess

- Mrs. Tina Grove, PhD

- Ms. Florence Turner

- Mr. James Wood

Meeting Dates:
Superintendent's Small Conference Room, Montville High School 5:15 PM

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee consists of Mrs. Carol J. Burgess, Mrs. Tina Grove, PhD, and Ms. Florence Turner