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Go get your issue #4 from the councilors, office, or library!

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Tyler L: all grin with his litany of awards! Too many to list! So proud of you Tyler! 🌟🏅🏆🤗💫

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A Special Message for you from everyone at Murphy...please enjoy the video!!!



Mission Statement


Our mission is to empower students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners. Integral to the program is real world project based instruction, community experiences in the form of internships and parent engagement. Through these supports and strong relationships, we encourage the development of a variety of skills to help maintain a quality of life that enables each person to become college and career ready. 


Montville High School's PBL Campus is an opportunity for interested students to have a non-traditional educational experience in a small school setting.

Students are referred to the PBL Campus through the Montville High School Guidance Department.


Our mission is to support and empower youth on their pathway toward resilience and responsibility by creating positive healing connections.  In a safe and restorative environment, we will provide students with an opportunity to develop belonging, mastery, independence and generosity

About Us

Within the Palmer Building there are two distinct learning opportunities:

Montville High School's PBL Campus provides interested students with a project based learning curriculum and internships within the community.

Pathways provides a small setting for students who receive special education services. With the Circle of Courage as its foundation, Pathways creates positive healing connections through work in the classroom and community.


Principal: Heather Sangermano: hsangermano@montvilleschools.org

Assistant Principal: David Gollsneider: dgollsneider@montvilleschools.org


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An active student is more likely to enjoy his/her high school years because of the opportunities that clubs and athletics provide. Being involved in these types of organizations allows students to branch out and break out of their shells. Learn more about our Athletics & Clubs