Oakdale Elementary School - Reopening Procedures

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Parent Communication

· Important information will be provided via School Messenger (email or phone call), Weekly School Newsletter (The Paw Print), Twitter (@Oak_MPS), and Instagram (oak_mps). Also, our PTO is on Facebook (Oakdale Elementary PTO, be sure to choose for CT).

· School Messenger will be set up for the whole school and contact lists will also be made (buses, cohorts, classes).

· Important correspondence may also be posted on the school website.



Guests are not allowed into the building except for approved reasons (pick up a sick child, PPT, etc.). If guests enter the building, they must be wearing a mask.


· All students must wear masks on the bus. Students will not be able to get on the bus without a mask. In the rare occasion a student forgets his/her mask, the driver will have masks available.

· Students will fill in seats starting in the back rows and continue to fill towards the front, except kindergarten students who will sit in the front few rows.

· Bus will unload from front to back. Students will stay seated until it’s their time to exit.

· *At the end of the day students will get on the bus from back to front. See Dismissal for these procedures.*

· Bus will unload in front of school in the bus drop off area.

· Staff will be available, especially in the first few weeks to guide students to their classrooms. Students in K-2 will go in through PK doors and 3-5 will go through middle hallway doors. Students will report directly to their classrooms.

Student drop off - Begins at 8:30

· Crossing guards will be present at the corner of Indiana Circle and Connecticut Boulevard AND Maryland Road and Connecticut Boulevard. Students walking from Maryland Drive will enter as follows: K-2 will go in through PK doors and 3-5 will go through middle hallway doors. Students walking from Indiana Circle will enter as follows: Students will enter through the cafeteria doors. Students in K-2 will turn left down the lower grade hallway and students in grades 3-5 will turn right down the upper grade hallway.

· Parents will drop students on the back playground. Students will enter through the cafeteria doors. Students in K-2 will turn left down the lower grade hallway and students in grades 3-5 will turn right down the upper grade hallway. Students will report directly to their classrooms.

Late arrivals

· All late arrivals will need to be escorted into the front foyer. A sign in sheet will be there for parents to complete. Students can be buzzed in to go to their classes. Parents will complete the form and leave for retrieval from office staff. Masks must be worn at all times.

Students’ personal belongings/lockers

· Classrooms with coat rooms/hooks will utilize hooks. Teachers will only allow small groups of students in the coat room/at hooks to allow for social distancing.

· If lockers are being utilized, teachers will dismiss students to locker is small groups to allow for social distancing.

· Lunch boxes/snacks should be kept at desks so students only have to go to personal belongings area at the start and end of day (may do the same with cold weather clothing once weather changes).

Hallway traffic patterns

· Students will stay on the right side of the hallways at all times.

· Staff members will be mindful of schedule and limit the amount of time spent in hallways.


· Breakfasts will be delivered to each signed up student by kitchen staff or trained monitors. Please pay for meals at www.mypaymentsplus.com.


· Each classroom will have an assigned bathroom.

· If a student is in a special, specialized instruction, lunch etc. and they need to use a bathroom, they are to go back to their assigned bathroom.

· Everyone is to sanitize their hands prior to using the bathroom and wash their hands after using the bathroom.


· Students are encouraged to bring lunch from home when possible, but meals will be available for those who want to get a lunch from the school. Paying for lunch will be done either completely online (www.mypaymentsplus.com) or with a check prior to serving time. Students will not be handing cash to the cafeteria workers.

· Students will eat lunch with their grade level peers.

· Students will be assigned to seats all facing in the same direction, with empty seats between them. Peanut free tables will be available.

· Lunch cards will be kept in the in pocket folders in the cafeteria. Students will take cards prior to lunch. Cards will be placed back in the pocket chart after lunch.

· Students purchasing lunch will move to the line when their table is called. Floors will be marked at 6 feet apart for waiting in line. Any snack purchases must be made at the same time as lunch is purchased. · Students will move their mask below their chin while eating and place it back over their mouth/nose when finished eating.

· At the end of lunch- the trash can will be wheeled by the tables for students to throw garbage away.

· Recess – students do not have to wear masks outside at recess, but must be 6 feet apart and may not share equipment.


Kindergarten Walkers/Parent Pick-ups

· Kindergarten walkers will be dismissed first. Kindergarten walkers who walk home with older siblings will wait by the middle hallway doors.

· Kindergarten walkers who get picked up by an adult will be brought to the cafeteria by staff members on duty. Students will be dismissed to adult through back cafeteria doors.

Walkers/Parent Pick-ups

· Students who walk home on their own will exit through the middle hallway doors.

· Students who get picked up by an adult will be called to the cafeteria with siblings from 1st through 5th grade. Students will be dismissed to adult through back cafeteria doors.

 · Students who do not routinely get picked up will need to be signed out in the office and a note must be sent to school in the morning with the student notifying the office of the pick-up. These students will be called by name directly to the office. Changes in schedules during the day should not occur unless it is an emergency. Repeated requests for making changes to the schedule during the day will be addressed.


· After all walkers/ pick-ups are called, buses will be called as they arrive.

· Students will load the bus from back to front by grade level.

· Siblings/children living in the same household will sit together and all other students will have their own seats.

*A dismissal form was emailed. It should be filled out and brought to school ASAP.  Please call us if you need one sent to you. 860.859.1800



· See Board of Education Policy on Face Masks/Coverings. https://www.montvilleschools.org/userfiles/4/my%20files/mask%20policy.pdf?id=1858

o Students in k-5 must wear masks.

Any student who is medically exempt from wearing a mask must provide a mask exemption form completed by your physician prior to the start of school. This form can be obtained on the Montville Public Schools website or by calling the school secretary.

Form is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gQIUuY1tQz9K-KKd8pFbf6WuqIPQcVYFTu1-YdqDVw8/edit

· Teachers will schedule times when students can take masks off while being socially distant, preferably outside, periodically throughout the day

Health Office

· Students needing to see the nurse will be directed to the health office.

· Students suspected of having COVID-19 will be escorted to a medical care room with a monitor where the nurse will attend to them. Students will have access to a bathroom that can only be used by students in the medical care room. (Medical care room will be room across from staff bathrooms near the cafeteria.) Parents will call the office when they arrive to pick up a student from the medical care room. Students will be escorted out through front doors to the parent’s car by a monitor and release the student to the parent after checking for identification.

· If student is sent home with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are encouraged to go for testing. If the testing is negative, the student may return to school. If the parent/guardian opts not to get their child tested they will be required to stay home until 10 days after the onset of symptoms or have a doctor’s note allowing the child to re-enter school.


Computer Devices

· Students will receive an iPad/computer on their first day of school (kindergartens students will get their devices at kindergarten orientation and remote learners must pick up their devices at Oakdale School on September 4th 8:30-12:00). Before students can be given an iPad/computer the device agreement form must be completed online. If this form is not filled out prior to the first day of school we will not be able to give your child a device.

The form can be found on the front page on the Montville Public School website here: https://www.montvilleschools.org/

Classroom Instruction

· Students will sanitize their hands prior to entering and leaving classrooms.

· Masks must be worn by all staff members.

· Outdoor instruction is encouraged when possible; students will bring a beach towel from home and stay socially distanced while outside. Masks would not need to be worn in this situation.

Specials (Art, Library, Music, Physical Education)

· Students will participate in their specials both while at school and while learning distantly. In school specials will alternate so that specialists will see all students every other week. For the most part, it is assumed students will be able to attend specials in the specialists’ rooms. Specialist will meet with preschool students in their classrooms.

· Students will sanitize their hands prior to attending the special and wash them when the special is over.

Special Education (grade level teachers and paras), Related Services (speech, psych, OT/PT) and Reading

· Instruction can be provided in special education/related service rooms/reading rooms and in the regular education classrooms.

· More information will come regarding services that may need to be delivered when students are learning distantly.

· Staff members will socially distance where possible while continuing to work to meet the needs of their students. Masks will be worn unless staff member can instruct at least six feet away from student(s). Plexiglass dividers may also be used during instruction.

· In cases where student(s) need to see the staff members mouth or vice versa, clear masks and face shields will be worn, but social distance will be maintained as much as possible.

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