Please bring a photo ID when visiting our school.

Please email daily dismissal changes to the secretaries: Handwritten notes are good too! 

School Nurse:

Student Device Information link

Link for Bus Garage - Transportation 860-848-3878

Attendance guidance for families: District Attendance Policy

We have the responsibility to take attendance each day for all students. State Board of Education Policy (2008) states, “A student is considered to be ‘in attendance’ if present at his/her assigned school, or activity sponsored by the school (e.g., field trip), for at least half of the regular school day.” Keeping this in mind, we will be taking attendance for students who attend school on in-person days, as well as days when students are learning as a hybrid distant learner or a fully remote learner. On days that your child attends in-person, they are expected to be in school to be considered in attendance. On days that they are learning from home, whether they are a hybrid learner or a fully remote learner, they must be in attendance for at least 50% of the day. Taking part in live meetings, engaging in online activities, and completion of work will count towards remote attendance.