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Zoom Parent Zoom Feedback Meeting Parent Zoom Feedback Meeting Read More
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Live Stream 2020 Tyl 8th Grade Promotion

Mrs. Dix: Promotion Speech


Mr. Daly: Closing Remarks

CAS Scholar Leader Speeches: Alexa and Zachary

Our Vision

The mission of the Leonard J. Tyl Middle School is to educate the whole child: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and artistic. The school community encourages and challenges the child to strive for excellence in all these realms and endeavors to foster an enduring love of learning.

Middle school children are at a unique developmental state. Their view of the world is immediate and personal, and their learning styles range from concrete to abstract. The typical middle school student arrives a child and leaves an adolescent. Physical changes mirror less visible emotional and cognitive changes. During the middle school years, roles and attitudes regarding family, peers, and teachers are in a process of evolution. Middle school students, both fragile and malleable, need the opportunity to still be children as they are guided toward responsible maturity.

Tyl Middle School has a curriculum based upon national standards and benchmark assessments. Learning styles are individual. Therefore, teachers assist students in developing strengths while improving upon areas of weakness. The school provides an environment in which students develop a comprehensive literacy. The curriculum fosters the growth of a positive work ethic which is recognized and rewarded in all areas.

Building strong relationships with the community enhances the growth of all students. The school encourages open communication among students, school personnel, and parents. Parental support is valued as a vital resource in the education of children. The community of Leonard J. Tyl Middle School creates an environment that enables its students to become productive members of a democratic society, fostering responsible citizenship in a culturally diverse nation.

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Jason Daly, Vice Principal

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An active student is more likely to enjoy his/her high school years because of the opportunities that clubs and athletics provide. Being involved in these types of organizations allows students to branch out and break out of their shells. Learn more about our Athletics & Clubs