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A Message from the Principal

Mr. Gregory Gwudz


Welcome to Leonard J. Tyl Middle School, we are thrilled you are here!  Middle school is such an important and exciting time for students as they transition from the nurturing environment of elementary school to the rigors of high school.   Our caring and talented staff at Tyl work tirelessly to help meet the needs of all students during these important years.  

Tyl’s core values are centered on Respect, Responsibility, Pride and Safety- together those values encompass the Tyl Way.  These values, coupled with a commitment to a strong partnership with you as parents/guardians, as well as the entire Montville community, help to ensure our students grow into well rounded, independent and responsible citizens.  

As a Montville graduate, the opportunity to lead an amazing school like Tyl, in such a caring and supportive community,  is something that gives me great pride. 

On behalf of the Tyl Middle School administration, faculty, and staff, we look forward to working with you.


Greg Gwudz



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Core Values and Beliefs

The Montville High School problem solving community values EFFORT, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY. All staff engages and challenges students intellectually and socially within a safe learning environment in order to develop skills appropriate for postsecondary education and/or a career in the 21st Century.


Vision of the Graduate

A Montville graduate who has the skills and dispositions to navigate complex task is a:

1. Communicator
     ● Demonstrate awareness of audience and purpose of communication
     ● Use precise language for specific purpose
     ● Organize an effective message
     ● Employ active listening skills

     ● Facilitate teamwork and collaborate with diverse partners to solicit and build on ideas of others toward a common goal

2. Information Consumer
     ● Explore, identify, and select appropriate tools and strategies
     ● Evaluate the context of the information and whether the source is credible, legitimate, relevant, or biased
     ● Apply findings and draw conclusions

3. Problem Solver
     ● Identify a problem or need and desired outcome
     ● Brainstorm, ask questions, and research possible solutions
     ● Develop and implement a solution that demonstrates innovation, flexibility and creativity
     ● Reflect on the process and what was learned, including analysis of possible errors or different perspectives

4. Independent Learner
     ● Brainstorm to identify interests/needs and generate a meaningful goal with completion criteria
     ● Ask relevant questions, experiment with new ideas
     ● Create a plan and identify steps
     ● Self-monitor progress, reconcile conflicting information and data, make decisions, and adjust thinking
     ● Uses feedback from others to self-evaluate the process and progress towards a goal.


A Montville Graduate is:
     ● Empathetic
     ● Perseverant
     ● Inclusive
     ● Self-Aware


Learning Expectations



Students will use 21st Century problem solving skills in diverse, collaborative, and authentic learning experiences.

    Students write and speak effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes

    Students access, interpret, evaluate, synthesize, and apply multiple forms of information

    Students read, interpret, evaluate, create, and think critically

    Students engage in their academic development and growth



    Students engage in appropriate personal interactions that foster a united, empathetic, and self-reflective community

    Students build confidence through self-advocacy and take responsibility for their decisions and actions

    Students promote a safe school environment

    Students collaborate in the classroom



    Students are responsible, positive, and contributing citizens of the school, local, global, and digital communities

    Students demonstrate pride in the Montville community



An active student is more likely to enjoy his/her high school years because of the opportunities that clubs and athletics provide. Being involved in these types of organizations allows students to branch out and break out of their shells. Learn more about our Athletics