Safe School Climate Committee

Safe School Climate Committee






Montville High School Core Values

The Montville High School learning community values EFFORT, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY. We believe that all students can learn and are capable of growing intellectually as well as socially. Additionally, students should be engaged and challenged within a SAFE learning environment in order to develop skills appropriate for post-secondary education and/or a career in the 21st century.

Safe School Climate Committee

The function of the Safe School Climate Committee (SSCC) is to identify and address both positive and negative behavior patterns in the school, review discipline reports (pertaining to safety) and bullying investigations, coordinate the implementation of Safe School Climate activities, and educate the school community on issues related to behavior and bullying.

Furthermore, we believe that fostering an environment of understanding and pride in our school will improve the overall climate and culture of MHS.


The Anonymous Tip Line at Montville High School is intended to facilitate the reporting of sensitive information to school officials, including information regarding student safety, violence, drug use, or students who may be in need of assistance. Reports submitted here will be forwarded school administrators and, at the school administration’s option, to local enforcement agencies.

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