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Last Updated: 5/3/2022 3:31 PM

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The purpose of the Montville High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those Montville High School athletes, coaches, administrators and supporters who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction and excellence to Montville High School by their conduct both on and off the field, or court, of competition. This recognition will help maintain the spirit, pride and sense of community as well as serving as a historical account of the great athletic traditions of Montville High School.


The Montville High School Athletic Hall of fame is currently accepting nominations for its fifth class of outstanding student-athletes, coaches and contributors.

Nominations will be accepted from March 30, 2019 to March 8, 2020. Previous recorded nominations will be considered.


Questions can be emailed to the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame committee at




Year First Name Last Name Grad Year Sport(s)
2017 Thomas Amanti   Contributor
2019 Shawn Bennett 1984 Cross Country, Track
2019 2003 Boys Track   Track
2016 Mary Bridge Baker 1984 Cross Country, Track
2019 Teri Bruce 1984 Basketball
2019 Matt Burdick 1978 Basketball, Baseball
2015 Lindsey Castano 2003 Softball, Basketball, Soccer
2017 Kevin Crowley   Coach - Cross Country, Track
2016 Gary DuBose 1981 Football, Basketball, Baseball
2015 Doug DuBose 1982 Football, basketball, Baseball
2019 Tim Egan   Coach - Cross Country, Track
2016 Dave Fisher 1980 Wrestling, Football, Track
2017 1970 Football Team   Football
2017 Kelly Hawkes Wasserman 1986 Cross Country, Track
2015 Kim Hawkes Weidman 1984 Cross Country, Track
2016 Cy Hess 1998 Baseball, Football
2015 Jeff Hill 1973 Basketball
2017 Will Huntington 2003 Baseball, Football
2015 Rick Kokosky 1967 Football, Baseball
2016 Dave Kozlowski 1975 Football, Basketball, Baseball
2015 William Lamphere   Pioneer
2019 Taylor Lewis 2008 Baseball, Football
2016 Bill O'Hara 1972 Football, Basketball, Track
2015 Jessica Olsen Ringsted 1977 Softball, Basketball, Cross Country
2017 Doug Palmer 1977 Wrestling
2019 Nikkia Smith 2009 Basketball, Track
2016 1977 Softball Team   Softball
2017 Chip Terni 1993 Baseball, Football, Basketball
2016 Chas Terni 1997 Baseball, Basketball, Football
2015 Jeremy Terni 2000 Baseball, Football
2017 Dennis Vitro 1971 Football
2015 Kim Watt 1980 Cross Country, Basketball, Softball
2015 Paul "Pappy" Wrighter   Pioneer




2020 Induction Ceremony


  • Friday, May 22nd
  • Cocktail hour 6 PM – 7:15 PM
  • Awards Program 7:30 PM


  • Mohegan Sun Uncas Ballroom

Ticket Cost:

  • $55 per person (inductees are comped)

Dinner Selections:

  • Pan Seared Salmon – Lemon Broccolini, Confit Lemon and Chive Risotto, Peppercorn Beurre Blanc
  • Chicken Two Ways – Semiboneless Half Chicken, Oven Roasted Wild Mushroom Boardelaise, French Beans & Pearl Onions, Olive Oil Smashed Yukon Potatoes
  • Red Wine Braised Beef short Ribs – Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Cheddar Cheese Grits

Information needed when purchasing tickets:

  • Name (s)
  • Honoree You are Supporting (for seating purposes)
  • Dinner Selection

Checks made out to “MHS Athletic HOF

Deadline to purchase tickets is
May 18, 2020

To purchase tickets visit MHS on school days
between 9 AM – 2:30 PM or



Questions/Additional Information


Questions can be emailed to the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame committee at

MHS HOF Facebook Page