Core Values & Beliefs Expectations

Montville High School Core Values and Beliefs

 The Montville High School learning community believes that all students can learn and are capable of growing intellectually as well as socially. Students should be engaged and challenged within a safe learning environment in order to develop skills appropriate for postsecondary education and/or a career in the 21st century. Students should be able to access, interpret, evaluate, and effectively apply information through authentic tasks within and across disciplines. We value pride and integrity as defining characteristics for all students and foster these characteristics through self-confidence, self-advocacy, and personal accountability. We promote the personal and social development of our students through collaborative problem solving and appropriate communication within a diverse population. Students should be responsible, productive, and positively contributing members of the school, local, global, and digital communities.

Further, we believe:

  • All students are individuals with unique learning styles, needs, and life experiences; these differences influence their learning
  • Adaptability is an essential component of success
  • The staff of Montville High School is our most valuable resource
  • Teachers are highly trained professionals that engage in efforts to improve professional practice through continuous learning and inquiry
  • Collaboration among multiple stakeholders leads to improved performance, stronger programs, and increased success
  • Leadership is strongest when it is distributed and focused on a shared vision
  • Decision making is evidence-based and informed by research
  • School is a safe place where all are welcome
  • A healthy school climate is based on positive relationships


MHS 21st Century Learning Expectations


  1. Students will apply 21st Century Skills in diverse, authentic learning experiences
  2. Students will write and speak effectively for a variety of audiences and purposes
  3. Students will access, interpret, evaluate and apply multiple forms of information including the use of technology
  4. Students will read, interpret, and think critically
  5. Students will use problem solving skills in multiple contexts for a variety of purposes
  6. Students will actively engage in their academic and personal development and growth


  1. Students will engage in appropriate personal interactions that foster acceptance, individualism, and self-respect
  2. Students will build confidence by self-advocating as well as taking responsibility for all decisions and actions
  3. Students will promote a school environment that fosters safety
  4. Students will work cooperatively to further their knowledge, skills, and understanding


  1. Students will be responsible, positive, and contributing citizens of the school, local, global and digital communities
  2. Students will demonstrate pride in the Montville community